Classy as ever: Ed Schultz solicits Palin hate from Twitter followers

@edshow Ed encourages hate. Shocker

— S to the B (@SteveBurton8) March 25, 2013

@edshow Your irrelevance got you off primetime… now you go for Romper Room antics….nice job Big-Head!

— Brad Bashem (@BashemB) March 25, 2013

Man. It really sucks to be Ed Schultz, doesn’t it? After pulling in abysmal ratings even by MSNBC standards, Schultz found out he and his show were being shuttled to sleepy Saturday afternoons. With that blow to his bloated ego, he’s desperate for relevance. And nothing says “I’m relevant” like going after Sarah Palin!

Sarah Palin proudly sports Chick-fil-A shirt at an NBA game. Help #edshow write a caption! (AP Photo/Rob Schumacher)…

— Ed Schultz (@edshow) March 25, 2013

Schultz’s fans — who knew there was such a thing? — were only too happy to oblige:

@edshow Bimbo human billboard.

— sevsarkissian (@sevsarkissian) March 25, 2013

@edshow “It’s nice, but I wish I could have the chickens’ necks being broken behind me.”

— Cmdr. Breanna Still (@BreeThePhoenix) March 25, 2013

@edshow I will do say and wear anything to stay in the spotlight: see.

— Margaret Webster (@nailsred) March 25, 2013

Are you laughing yet?

@edshow one good bigot deserves another.

— Badgerwen (@badgerwen) March 25, 2013

.@edshow “Ya see, when a mama & a daddy chicken love each other very much they get inside a bun & cover themselves with 2 crucial pickles.”

— Pixie Sherry (@PixSher) March 25, 2013

@edshow Sarah P….Chick-full-a-s$&#!!

— eributterfly2 (@Eributterfly2) March 25, 2013

@edshow ‘This Space For Rent’

— PR_uno (@PR_uno) March 25, 2013

@edshow Bimbo’s eat chicken.

— KalineCountry Ron (@KalineCountry) March 25, 2013

How about now?

I did the most cocaine at CPAC and all i got was this lousy shirt. RT @edshow: Help #edshow write a caption!…

— Jefe (@DodgerManny58) March 25, 2013

@edshow “Sarah you’ve aged 20 years in the past 5 & have yet to learn your lesson of what not to wear since the Belmont Stakes faux pas”

— Denis Sugrue (@DenisSugrue) March 25, 2013

@edshow Palin’s T-shirt#EdShowI went to Westboro Church for a vacation & all I got is this stinking T-Shirt.

— SM (@florida007) March 25, 2013

@edshow Family values; when your unmarried kid has a child, gets married then divorced all within a year. #edshow

— Dave Shea (@davejshea) March 25, 2013

@edshow I was choking some of our chickens, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.

— Mark Brooks (@MarkBrooksVA) March 25, 2013

@edshow Straight men only need apply for this opening.

— Peter John (@PeterJohn411) March 25, 2013

Classy. Just never gets old, does it? Never ever!

@edshow She can take that off, but she can’t remove the dumb look. Looks like a tweaker to me Ed.

— Traci Carnahan (@tactivist) March 25, 2013

@edshow Sarah is lookin’ old.All that lyin’ ages a person.

— Live Well (@livewell614) March 25, 2013

.@edshow All of her major policy positions fit on a t-shirt. #tcot #formerhalftermgovernor

— Tricia Llanes (@tllanes) March 25, 2013

@edshow Sara palin coming out with advertisement she wants to be eaten.…

— Norm Clark (@Normsmusic) March 25, 2013

@edshow Full-a-sh-tgirlfriends not lookin too good!

— see (@sas_ee) March 25, 2013

@edshow Only a white trash honkie would think Chick-fila is cool at an NBA game or even good fast food (god she looks wrinkly bad)

— ATP (@ATPJudge) March 25, 2013

Hey, the bottom of the Palin Derangement Barrel isn’t gonna scrape itself.

Once his show moves to Saturdays, Ed’ll have a lot more free time on his hands. Maybe he could use some of it to reevaluate his life and come up with a more constructive hobby than denigrating conservative women.

@edshow What’s your problem w/ Capitalism & freedom of speech, Ed?? @chick-Fil-A is highly successful, & Palin is wearing a freakin’ tshirt.

— DeeInHouston (@DeeInHouston) March 25, 2013

@edshow do you feel better about yourself trying to mock a woman who has accomplished more than you ever could, Ed?

— Nick Holt (@nickreagan) March 25, 2013

I’m pretty sure @edshow was looking for the most derogatory caption leftists could muster against @sarahpalinusa . Shameful.

— Krystle (@TarheelKrystle) March 25, 2013

It certainly is.

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