Bryan Cranston’s ‘Super Sweet 60′ Birthday Party Was Amazing

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Nobody turns 60 like Bryan Cranston…Nobody, you hear me?

The actor celebrated his big day by making a parody of MTV’s My Super Sweet 16.Every epic party needs some help from the professionals, and Cranston’s came fromparty planner Jimby Kimble, played by Jimmy Kimmel.

This really did make my day.

Im turning 60 in a few weeks and my Super Sweet 60th has to be turnt

Cranston’s parents are the ones who are charged with trying to make their boy happy, and it doesn’t come cheap.

Jimby Kimble had to pull out all the stops.

Such as numerous crowns to make him feel special.

After a few highly strung moments, including Arron Paul having the audacity to show up in the same outfit as the birthday boy, it all ends on a high note when SISQO puts in a special appearance.

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