Bruins star may sit out next season and fans aren’t happy!/NHLBruins/status/208638031282966529

Boston Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli has confirmed that goalie Tim Thomas may decide to sit out next season in-order to prepare for the 2014 Olympics.

After hearing their star player is seriously considering taking a year off, fans of the Bruins were clearly pissed.

Done with Tim Thomas. Dudes 65yrs old. All set Tim, we dont give a fuck if you sit out next year or if you retire or die for that matter…

— Dont Care (@Not_feelin_it) June 1, 2012

This Tim Thomas thing is starting to turn into a real nightmare #Bruins #Shitshow

— Matthew Jacob (@MattJacob64) June 1, 2012

I think Tim Thomas just does all this stuff for the attention, no real reason for it. #NHL

— Tyler Carruthers (@Ruzzer34) June 1, 2012

Tim Thomas is truly a selfish human being…

— PrimeBane (@PrimeBane) June 1, 2012

Gotta call Tim Thomas out on wanting to play in the Olympics. By 2014 I think Quick, Howard, Miller, Schneider would all play before him.

— Kyle Leathers (@kleathers) June 1, 2012

My opinion of Tim Thomas went from "What an unreal goalie and awesome person" to "What a piece of shit loser" in just one year.

— Robert Myers (@Robby322) June 1, 2012

Yikes! Boston fans show no mercy.

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