Bqhatevwrmania sweeps the nation; Scott Brown’s tweet will live in infamy!/AndyCobb/status/295075066956374016

As Twitchy reported some 18 hours ago, former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown early, early this morning engaged in what many suspected was a spate of drunk tweeting, the highlight of which was the breakaway hit, “Bqhatevwr.” Brown deleted the tweets and has yet to explain just what he was up to, but that hasn’t stopped #Bqhatevwr from hovering near the top of Twitter’s trending topics all day. America just can’t get enough of Bqhatevwr, whatever it is. We haven’t seen the T-shirts yet, which honestly is quite surprising. We have seen these, however.

And @scottbrownma is off for the special election! #Bqhatevwr…

— Scott Wooledge (@Clarknt67) January 26, 2013

Here’s your Daily Meme. #bqhatevwr…

— Jessica Oliva (@esposa_de_oliva) January 26, 2013

Hillary chimes in on #bqhatevwr…

— Kate (@rollingingraves) January 26, 2013

Prepare to see this EVERYWHERE in Boston! Thank you @tmwsiy! #mapoli #masen #Bqhatevwr…

— Kittens&Politics (@AndBussiere) January 27, 2013

#Bqhatevwr – “I do not think it means what you think it means.” #uniteblue #princessbride #inigo…

— Wallace Ritchie (@WallaceRitchie) January 27, 2013

Should you experience a #bqhatevwr lasting more than 12 hours you should consult a physician.

— mm62 (@markm1962) January 27, 2013

The good thing is that, if detected early enough, #Bqhatevwr is totally treatable.

— Ziggy Daddy™ (@Ziggy_Daddy) January 27, 2013

Life is like a box of #Bqhatevwr you never know what you’re gonna get #ScottBrownma

— EdieVP (@EdieVP) January 26, 2013

After this Scott Brown will be lucky to get a job flipping #bqhatevwr

— Herman Cain’s Hat (@HermanCainsHat) January 27, 2013

Howard Dean ’04 > “We’re going to SD and OR and WA and MI! And then we’re going to Washington DC to take back the White House! #Bqhatevwr!”

— Sadistic Statist (@TheXclass) January 27, 2013

Tonight, on a very special episode of Full House, DJ tries #bqhatevwr for the first time.

— Ungodly News (@ungodlynews) January 27, 2013

“I’ll give you my #bqhatevwr when you pry it from my cold, dead hand”

— Joe Redman (@JSR1948) January 27, 2013

Why is huckabee on my TV. #outrage #bqhatevwr

— Texas Red (@jswifty250) January 27, 2013

President Obama is sending peacekeeping troops into #Bqhatevwr later this month.No comment from president al-Assad.

— Baroness of Bushwick (@GrungyBerns) January 27, 2013

Clint Eastwood to Scott Brown: What’s that you say? #bqhatevwr? I can’t do that to myself!

— Kennett Area Dems (@KennettDems) January 27, 2013

If that’s not enough Bqhatevwr for you, there’s already a website — — collecting all the Bqhatevwr you could ever hope for.

I’m fairly certain the MSM could find a way to get Scott Brown to lose an election based on #bqhatevwr

— D.M. Hawkins (@HawkinsUSA) January 26, 2013

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