Bindi Irwin Posts Lovely Tribute To Her Late Father

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Bindi Irwin lost both her father and grandmother when she was very young. She was only eight when her father, Steve “Crocodile Hunter” Irwin died – and her grandmother had died six years previously.

Both Steve and his mother shared the same birthday, the 22nd of February, so Bindi took to Instagram to make it clear how thankful she is for the time she had with them.

And just the next day she posted this sweet message to twitter:

Back in 2000, Following Lyn Irwin’s death,Steve penned his own tribute to his mom in support of a memorial fund, and explained how his love for her lived on. We’re sure if Instagram had been around while Steve was alive, his account would have been legendary.

He wrote, “I was born right fair smack on my Mum’s 20th birthday. Crikey! A birthday present she’ll never forget. The umbilical cord of our souls was never cut; to this very day I am connected to my Mum.”

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