Bill Clinton Made A Terrible Dad Joke On Twitter And No One Can Get Over It

Bill Clintonjust had to go and make a terrible dad joke on Twitter, didnt he?

After spending well over a year considering the responsibilities of being Americas first First Gentleman, Clinton must now be at a loss.

Whats a grown man to do but turn to puns?

Its important to stay positive under these circumstances, and humor generally helps with staying positive. Coming up with puns is both amusing and more time-consuming than your boring tweet.

And when you can make a pun thats both hilarious takes a swipe at the guy your wife lost to? Well thats just about all you could ever ask for.

The former president of the United States sent out the offending tweet on Sunday afternoon.

Hope youre ready for the cheese, because here it is:

Yup. There you have it. Clinton tweeted,

BREAKING: We just learned that the @ClintonCenter has been bugged.

The @ClintonCenter is the Clinton Presidential Center, Bills library.

Clinton included a photo in the tweet of himself smiling in front of a gigantic grasshopper statue situated outside the center.

So, uh, do you get it? Why arent you laughing yet?

The tweet had a lot of people saying, Dad, OMG, please stop.


A few people were generally amused by the dad joke to end all dad jokes.


There was some healthy appreciation of Clintons bugging tweet.


And many praised Clintons trolling of Donald Trump.


In case you forgot, Trump decided that President Barack Obama was wiretapping or bugging him. To which FBI Director James Comey was like, bro, come on, that didnt happen. It was awkward.

So its only fitting that Clinton would joke about one of Trumps wildest false claims.

And then there were some people who got in on the pun fun themselves.



There was an actual reason for that grasshopper statue.

Its at the Clinton Presidential Center for a temporary exhibit called Xtreme Bugs, according to CNN.

That exhibit opened on Earth Day to celebrate bugs and nature and all that.

So not only did Clinton troll Trump with that pun he trolled him with care for the planet, as well.

Fair enough, Bill. Fair enough.

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