Badass Woman Turns Down Arranged Marriage When Guy Says It’s Him Or Her Dog

I want to find this girl and make hermy best friend. She is goals AF.

Karishma Walia had THE MOST PERFECT response EVER to a guy who arrogantly necessitated that she abandon her dog for him.

She shared the conversation on Facebook with a thank you to her dog for helping her dodge a bullet: How dogs save us from getting into trouble in every possible way.

Shes originally from Bangalore, India, but is working in Gurgaon as an analyst. And like most young girls, shes looking for someonewhos worth her time. So when a guy revealedhe wasnt keen on dogs, she told him to get lost. POWER to her.

She put her cards on the table immediately after he asks for a reponse:

Dog is going to be an issueSo!

And despite the boys suggestion that they find a solution, it didnt look like he was going to back down:

I dont want a dog to come in between my love life and not share the same bed.

What? Sounds like hesjealous of the dog.

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