Awesome Time Lapse Video Shows A Puppy Grow Before Your Very Eyes

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To be honest, I’m really over time-lapse videos. I can only watch so many babies sprout into children or 20-something men face their futures in a two-minute video before it starts to get, well, boring.

That said, this video, which shows a Rhodesian Ridgeback named Sophia grow from a 2-month-old pup to a 3-year-old dog, is awesome.

Perhaps it’s because, unlike with people, you can physically see the animal’s bodily growth — with each passing second, Sophia’s legs lengthen a bit, and her torso stretches a centimeter or so longer.

Or, perhaps, it’s because animals are just all-around better (and cuter) than humans. Either way, this time lapse is a joy to watch.

Don’t miss the outtakes at the end, which feature candid snaps of Sophia as her owners try to get the growing pup to sit still for a photo. Pets are special, and documenting an animal’s life is a beautiful way to keep their spirit alive, even after they pass.

Check out the video, Sophia Grows, above.

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