At First, I Thought This Was Ridiculous. Then I Realized It Was Pure Genius.

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Changing the smallest things in your day-to-day life can result in the biggest improvements. I didn’t realize how much my life sucked before these 19 genius product improvements… but then I bought a bottle opener that somehow made me happy.

It’s nuts, but if you had any of these products your life would be better.

1. An energy efficient toilet-sink combo

2. Round outlets that let you plug in from any direction

3. A washable keyboard… coffee spills are no longer your enemy

4. This flash drive that displays the files it contains

5. Jump drives that you can share with your friends

6. A cereal bowl that keeps your breakfast from getting soggy

7. This puzzle piece cutting board that could also hold your wine when you dismantle it

8. A cutting board that measures how much you’re cutting

9. An edible coffee cup

10. Nesting kitchen knives

11. This paint brush that’s made to balance on the edge of a paint can

12. An ice tray that dispenses the ice cubes for you

13. This watch that literally spells it out for you

14. An awesome, personalized luggage tag you’ll never lose

16. Flat extension cords made to run over rugs

16. A bottle cap remover that keeps the cap

17. This super helpful spoon and chopstick combo

18. A refrigerator camera that helps you shop… and watch your milk

19. This texting app that lets you see where you’re walking

Organized wires, dry cereal and more efficient living. You can’t tell me that doesn’t make your life better.

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