Ariel Winter Chopped Off Her Long Hair And She Looks Totally Different

Modern Family star Ariel Winter is no stranger to the spotlight. Known for her sexy Instagram posts and scandalous outfit choices, the 18-year-old beats to her own drum and doesnt give a crap what anyone else thinks.

In a sit-down interview with Elite Daily in October, Winter said,

Now I post a photo and I dont care. If youre going to write something on it, whatever If somebody doesnt like what Im doing, you can unfollow me.

Hell yeah, girl! Aint nobody got time for the negative haters.

Thursday, November 3, Ariel Winter mightve debuted her most provocative look yet. Sure, shes wearing a pretty scandalous top, but thats not what Im talking about.

Im referring to the fact Winter chopped off her long hair and is now barely recognizable.

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