Apparently Kid Met ‘Real’ Dinosaurs, And His Reaction Was Priceless (Video)

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If you’re not yet familiar with Noah Ritter, aka Apparently Kid, then you need to crawl out of the rock you’ve been living under and meet the funniest child on the Internet.

Now that you’re acquainted with the charming lil’ ginger, you have to see his recent appearance on “Ellen.”

DeGeneres plays a clip featuring Noah meeting “real dinosaurs” with a paleontologist at LA’s Staples Center. The dinosaurs are robotic models of actual dinosaurs, but Apparently Kid thinks they’re actually alive, and his reactions to the faux creatures are so funny.

At the end of the clip, Noah reveals he knew the dinosaurs were fake all along — which means this kid could have a great acting career ahead of him if he wanted to go down that road.

See the hilarity for yourself up top.

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