An Optical Illusion Worthy Of A Museum

Optical illusions and hidden images have been one of the biggest trends of 2016. There was the panda that started it all, the hidden words that stumped us for days and the nine mysterious faces in this gorgeous painting. These are all fun optical illusions, but Patrick Hughes’ “Superduperspective” is in a league of its own. 

The painting, currently on display at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery in the United Kingdom, makes up for its silly name with one of the most mind-blowing effects we’ve ever seen. It’s difficult to describe what exactly you experience when looking at it, so it’s best just to watch the video below and see for yourself. In short, the artist’s work makes it seem as though the part of the painting that is closest to you is actually furthest away. It’s trippier than you’d expect.

Hughes practices something that he calls “reverspective.” It’s an optical illusion that he created himself and is the reason why the painting in this video looks so strange. On his website, Hughes states that, “Making things in perspective is taking experience as a solid rather than an ever-changing relationship.” He is uninterested in putting anything “personal” into his art. For Hughes, it’s all about an evolving perspective. He has “no faith in realism, or indeed in reality,” and believes that “reality is much stranger than we think.” After seeing examples of his work, it’s tough to disagree with him …

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