A Chef Got Drunk One Night And Decided To Invent Red Velvet Corn Dogs (Photos)

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Kyle Marcoux is not above giving the people what they want.

Marcoux is the brains behind The Vulgar Chef, a food blog that throws Julia Child’s rules to the side in favor of what tastes delicious.

His language isn’t proper, either — the word “dick” is often tossed around in his kitchen.

While drunk one night, Marcoux began thinking about food served at county fairs. Fumbling in his kitchen, Marcoux accidentally created the red velvet corn dog.

He drunkenly wrote,

In [sic] not going into any f*cking details…When you see this sh*t at your county cock fair or whatever just remember where you saw it first.

Don’t think too hard about Marcoux’s culinary genius, just go with it.

Here are Marcoux’s red velvet corn dogs.


They look disgusting but also oddly satisfying.


In the same drunk night, he also invented the blueberry pancake corn dog.


H/T: Design Taxi, Photos courtesy: The Vulgar Chef

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