60-Year-Old Man Finally Realises His Dreams Of Becoming A Model

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When I was 12, my dream was to become a car designer. I love a good motor and I wanted nothing more than to draw them (which was my hobby) and then someone would make them. Then something happened and I decided I’d have to be clued up on physics or whatever so I gave up. That’s when helloU swooped in.

For this guy, up until he was retired, he was working as a location and unit manager in the French film industry but, all the while, he seemingly wanted to be a model.

So, at the tender age of 60, Philippe Dumas, from Paris, posted to Reddit with the title “Retired but not out, giving a last go to my lifelong dream of becoming a model, do I have it in me?” along with a series of photos…

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And, well, the overwhelming response seemed to be “no”. Why? Since then Dumas has signed withsix modelling and talent agencies and also starred in several campaign for companies such as Joop! and Menswear. In an interview with Style Aria, he said that younger model love the whole tattoo and beard lookwhich he opted for back when he was 37.

At my great surprise most of the time they compliment my look and ask for a selfie with me,

Finally I keep thinking that getting older is not such a bad thing.

Fantastic stuff.

The annoying thing is he’s definitely cooler and trendier than me and I turned 20 today. It shouldn’t be like that, should it?!

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