6 Things You Need To Learn After One Month At Your First Real Job

Post-grad life is totally different from college life, and one of those huge changes occurs when you get your first job. Here are the seven things you will learn when you join the real world:

1. You sit all day.

Most jobs are unfortunatelysedentary. They are done while sitting behind a desk and working from a computer. This means that from 9 to 5, your ass is parked in a seat.

After a week of this, I felt the effects. After three weeks, I felt like my ass was turning into a pancake. Secretary’s butt is a real thing, mind you.

2. You miss sunlight.

As I’ma recent grad, I unfortunately don’t have a big office with a giant window just yet. Right now, I have a tiny little desk that doesn’t face any windows at all.

So, sunlight is hard to come by during my work hours. It takes a toll on you a lot quicker than you think. A lack of vitamin D is synonymous with a sad mood.

Sitting inside all day, wasting away at your work coffin (ahem, cubicle) makes you feel like a vampire, and not the Edward Cullen kind. No, you look like Dracula thanks to your dark circles.

3. You will never ever want to wear heels to work.

I don’t know how women do it. I think their feet must be dead. But one thing’s for sure: They deserve all the awards.

If you work in the city, you probably commute from the outskirts. This means you take the train or subway daily, while navigating the platforms and subsequent city streets. If you’re doing all this in heels, I promise you that after a few days, your feet will be throbbing. Even flats are a killer when you’re running late to work which you will because there is absolutely no arch support whatsoever.

By the end of your first week, you will be longing for the days of going to class in your Nikes. This isn’t even a joke. After three weeks, I developed plantar fasciitis.I was wearing grandma shoes with ultra arch support to soothe my aching feet.

You learn fast, but let me save you the trouble: Wear comfortable sneakers to work and change when you get there. It sounds weird, but most women do it.

4. Money is so great.

One thing you will not miss is constantly waiting for your allowance. Now, maybe if you were an amazing multitasking expert and had a paying job on the side in college, you were all good for cash. But like many college kids, I was solely reliant on the weekly allowance I got from my parents. Because I didn’t win the birth lottery by being born a Kardashian-Jenner, my budget had little wiggle room.

One of the best things you’ll learn from having your first paying job (that your degree actually helped you get) is the fact that you can afford the extra things in life you couldn’t before, like massages, a $25 bottle of wine and high-end makeup.

5. Public transportation is your lifeline, but it can be horrifying.

Most people who work in the city commute via public transportation. It’s cheap, it’s fast and it allows you to live far enough away from the city that you can actually afford a cool place without spending $2,500 a month on rent. But with the good comes the very bad.

Within only two weeks of riding the metro, I learned that bodily fluids are everywhere in those places. The parking garages smell like urine, and you will see puddles of it. The subway platform will be covered in puke at some point or another, and you might unknowingly step in it if you’re not careful.

Also, if you’re a public transportation novice, be prepared to see types of people you’ve never seen before. Some are fun, like street performers and goofy-looking tourists. Others are very scary, like old men screaming profanities at pedestrians outside the station with their shirts off.

This isn’t an exaggeration: I see the same guy do this almost every day.

6. You learn to enjoy the simple things.

In college especially at a party school every night can feel like the weekend. Realistically, you can go to happy hour with your friends pretty much whenever you want. Time after class (or during it) is all your own.

However, when you are a 9-to-5er, you cherish that free time like it’s a newborn baby. It’s so precious that you don’t want to waste a second of it. The weekends bring these new levels of thrill because they’re really your only free time away from your responsibilities.

You work all week to get to those two days of greatness. So when they come, you appreciate them like never before.

Bucking up and becoming a real person always starts out with a few road bumps, of course. But once you get past waking up at 7 am every day and the occasional drunk guy puking on the morning metro, you learn to love your new life.

It’s a different chapter, and it’s filled with adventures and opportunities your old life wasn’t. I think that’s something to be excited about.

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