5 Reasons To Give Thanks For The Female Orgasm


Ah, Thanksgiving. Put on your stretchiest yoga pants and prepare for the remorse youll feel the day after, as you ponder in both amazement and disgust how one human being could possibly eat so much stuffing.

Theres plenty to be thankful for: family, friends, orgasms oh, Im sorry. Did I trip you up there? Yes, you should be thankful for orgasms.

The ones you experience from clitoral stimulation, the ones you experience from g-spot stimulation, the ones you experience alone, the ones you experience with a partner, the ones you experience while youre sleeping and the ones you fake.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Ive got you all figured out. I know youve faked! If you say youve never pulled this move from When Harry Met Sally, Im sorry, but I dont believe you.

Lets give thanks for our orgasms this season, and give them the recognition they deserve by learning more about them and why they are so fabulous! Check out these five fun facts about the big O.

1. The amount of women having regular orgasms is increasing.

Over 20years ago, researchers from Chicago published a huge sexuality study titled, the National Health and Social Life Survey. Among other things, the study found that 75 percent of men were having orgasms consistently with their partners, while women were only having consistentorgasms 29 percentof the time with their partners.

Fast-forward to 2015 when a study by Skyn Condoms found that Millennial women are orgasming more. The study found that 89 percent of women have experienced orgasm during sex. This fact may be due to another finding from the study: One-fourth of the 5,117 respondents are regularly reaching for a vibrating device.

Woohoo! What an increase in orgasms! Thats a step in the right direction ladies. Lets keep working on raising that percentage and um, pass the cranberry sauce while youre at it, would ya?

2. How to help yourself to more orgasms.

We know not every woman is orgasming during sex, but why? What could we be doing better? A study done by Cosmopolitan looked at common obstacles getting in the way of women orgasming.

Half of women reported feeling like they were almost there but just couldnt get over the edge. Thirty-eight percentof women told the magazine they werent receiving enough clitoral stimulation, while 35 percentstated the type of clitoral stimulation they were getting wasnt the right kind.

Finally, 32 percent of women felt they were too in their own heads or too focused on their appearance.

3. Women dont have to pause between orgasms.

While most men experience a refractory period after ejaculation (a period of time they must wait before being able to ejaculate again), many women are able to have multiple orgasms, one after another after another after another afteruh, where was I?

Oh yes, multiple orgasms!

We really hit the jackpot on that one, girls, and that is certainly something to be thankful for! If youre interested in some tips on reaching multiple orgasms, experiment with what areas of the body make you orgasm. Maybe start with a clitoral orgasm, move to a orgasm from nipple play and end with an orgasm from anal play.

4. Give thanks for the wet dreams.

Lets give a shout out to the erotic (or wet) dream. Its probably the only chance Ill ever really have to sleep with Ryan Gosling. (Although, Im still holding out hope.)

How fabulous that you can experience an orgasm in your sleep! Talk about not having to put n any work! If youve had an erotic dream before, you know how intense they can be.

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Its completely normal to have a wet dream and also normal not to. There are plenty of ladies who will have this experience and plenty who will not.

Sadly, there isnt too much research on the topic, but back in 1953, Alfred Kinsey, a famous human sexuality researcher, found that 40 percentof the women he interviewed had experienced a wet dream by the time they reached 45. If you didnt already have enough motivation to take a nap, this should push you over the edge.

5. Mutualmasturbation is a way to bond with a partner without the risk of STDs or pregnancy.

As you gnaw on that turkey leg, think about how crazy it was that just over 100 years ago, masturbation was considered a disease. Seriously, check out these anti-masturbation devices for men.

Now we understand the benefits of masturbation. Planned Parenthood provides an extensive list of all the wonderful benefits of orgasm, including improving sleep and self esteem, reducing stress and sexual tension, strengthening pelvic and anal muscles and increasing the ability to have orgasms.

While we often think of masturbation as a private activity, mutual masturbation (masturbating with one or more partners) is another awesome opportunity to reach orgasm, explore with another person without the risk of pregnancy or a STD and an educational experience to teach a partner what feels good to you.

So, while your entire family is going around the table this year, asking each person to share what there are most thankful for, make sure you mention one of these facts. Just kidding, dont.

Your uncle is creepy enough, and you dont want to give him more fuel for the fire. I am so thankful for you, my readers. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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