30 Pictures That Were Taken At Exactly The Right Moment.

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There are many different kinds of photographers in the world. Wedding, food, family, nature and art photographers all have their own set of skills and goals. No matter what focus they have, sometimes photographers end up with a shot that’s timed so perfectly, it can be widely appreciated. Some photographers work their entire lives to take the perfect shot. Others may stumble into it randomly, like these people did. These perfectly timed pictures range from beautiful to downright hilarious. Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this.

1. That’s why you always have to keep your head up.

2. This is what all planes had to do to keep passengers entertained before they got those little TVs.

3. Jealous much?

4. The dog looks hungry, but I’m sure their owner is feeding them plenty of bubbles back home.

5. Talk about stiff competition.

6. It’s in the hole!

7. Monkey see, monkey demolish.

8. We landed on the moon!

9. Me llamo Lama.

10. Don’t think dogs won’t be able to adapt if we start using drones to make deliveries.

11. Bom chicka shad-ow.

12. Let’s see a turkey do that, Ben Franklin.

13. Hat’s what’s up.

14. Barf has never been so beautiful.

15. So this is why it costs so much to play golf.

16. Gotta steal this one for my Tinder profile.

17. Smashing!

18. America’s favorite past time: watching people get injured.

19. Don’t give me that look.

20. Straight from the horses mouth.

21. Can’t believe she filled that entire pool with her hair water.

22. I knew that’s where babies come from.

23. I’m not saying it’s easy to become an NHL referee, I just think an ice wizard could do more with their life.

24. The exact moment you ruined that child’s birthday party.

25. Still not as weird as treating your cat like they’re your offspring.

26. High-fin!

27. This is why I stopped leaving my giant bowls of water unattended.

28. After that, he turned the pool water into wine. The lifeguard was pissed.

29. If you’re the parent of a lost Superman, please pick him up from mid-air.

30. She may never, but this is the exact moment everyone else in the world fell in love with this kid.

(via Distractify) If these photos were meant to be taken, they would be some serious works of art. It hasn’t been recorded yet, but keep an eye out for the Kelly Clarkson’s “A Moment Like This” parody from the intro next time you’re browsing through the iTunes store. Share this post using the button below.

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