25 Of The World´s Most Beautiful And Original Christmas Trees

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Apart from Christmas markets that we have published a post about recently, there is another symbol of Christmas which is often the dominant attraction in many cities all over the world – the Christmas tree. Originated in Germany possibly as early as in the 15th century, the tradition of Christmas tree decoration has spread in many parts of the world. Now, billions of (not only Christian) people decorate their Christmas trees with a variety of ornaments, lights, candies etc. But it is not just people´s homes where the Christmas trees can be found. Often in giant versions, some of the most impressive Christmas trees are raised in the major squares of numerous world´s metropolis. From a golden Christmas tree in Japan to a traditional Christmas tree in the Vatican, check out these 25 of the most beautiful and original Christmas trees from all over the world.

25. In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the 65-foot (20 meters) tall Christmas tree is placed in the centre of an ice rink surrounded by the PPG Place complex and the Wintergarden. Night skating under the shining tree with the surrounding skyscrapers reflecting in the ice must be an amazing experience.


24. If you prefer watching the Christmas tree from inside, you should visit Paris. Located in the renowned Galleries Lafayette, the 82-foot (25 meters) tall Christmas tree decorated with Swarowski crystals becomes the prime tourist attraction of the luxurious department store every year.


23. In Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, the Christmas tree is always raised in the Independence Square. The tree has a different design every year. In 2011, it had this original round shape and colorful patterns.


22. In December 2012, the world’s largest floating Christmas tree was lit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Boasting truly enormous proportions (weighing 542 tons and a height of 85 meters [280 feet], the tree was built on 11 giant platforms in Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon.


21. In 2011, this unusual Christmas tree was built in Seoul, South Korea. Located on the Aegibong Peak, a hilly area less than 3 kilometers (1.9 miles) from the border separating the two Koreas, the tree could have been seen by the North Koreans too.


20. To see this impressive Christmas tree, you have to visit Milan, Italy. The tree is placed in Piazza del Duomo square which is dominated by the gothic Milan Cathedral – the largest cathedral in the country and the fifth largest in the world.


19. Although most of the population in Lebanon is Muslim, in 2012, the capital city Beirut also raised a Christmas tree. Situated in front of the Al-Amin mosque, the tree became a subject of interest for both tourists as well as local residents.


18. In Vatican, the seat of the Roman Catholic Church, a Christmas tree is a natural thing. Located in front of the St. Peter Basilica, the tree, usually about 30 meters (almost 1000 feet) tall, is transported to Vatican from South Tyrol.


17. If you look at this Christmas tree, built in the city of Haifa, Israel in 2010 from a distance, you might not notice anything special. However, if you took a closer look, you would see that this 10-meter (33 feet) tall tree was made from about 5,500 recycled plastic bottles, to raise awareness of environmental issues in the country.


16. Thanks to its appearance in the Home Alone 2: Lost in New York movie, The Rockefeller Centre Christmas tree is one the most famous in the world. In 2012, 80th annual tree lighting ceremony took place in front of the center with an 80-foot (24 meters) spruce being lit with 45,000 LED lights.


15. Turkey is another country, where Christianity is a minor religion but Christmas trees can be still seen there. This creative design of a Christmas tree was built in 2012 in front of a shopping mall on the Taksim Square in Istanbul.


14. A Christmas tree is usually associated with snow and freezing temperature so seeing one among palms may seem somewhat strange to some but this crowd watching the Christmas tree lighting ceremony at Fashion Island in Newport Beach, California obviously doesn´t mind it.


13. If you want to see the world´s tallest Christmas tree, you must visit the country where this tradition was born. In Dortmund, Germany, the Christmas markets are always dominated by a Christmas tree that soars 45 meters (almost 150 feet) in the sky and is made from 1,700 individual little fir trees.


12. In Japan, Christmas is not celebrated much since a vast majority of the Japanese is Buddhists or Shintos but that doesn’t prevent them from creating some of the most amazing Christmas trees like this one raised in the capital city of Tokyo


11. Speaking of Japan, it is also where a golden Christmas tree was made. In 2012, in commemoration of Walt Disney’s 110th anniversary, Japanese jeweler Ginza Tanaka made this 2.4 meter (8 feet) tall Christmas tree from 88 pounds of gold. The selling price was about 4.2 million USD.


10. This spectacular view with a fairy-tale like Christmas tree can be enjoyed at the Biltmore Estate, a large private estate and tourist attraction in Asheville, North Carolina. The 35-foot (11 meters) tall Fraser fir is placed in front of the Banquet Hall every year.


9. The Grand Place in Brussels, Belgium, is the place where the city´s Christmas tree is annually erected. Traditionally, it has been a real, giant tree but in 2012, a 25 meters (82 feet) high abstract-style electronic tree was built on that spot. However, not everybody appreciated this act; the structure caused strong uproar and criticism among many local people.


8. Located in Wilmington, North Carolina, this Christmas tree may not belong among the most beautiful, nor the most original trees from this list but is it does have an impressive primacy – this massive oak is the largest and probably also oldest living Christmas tree in the world.


7. This amazing 24-foot (7.3 meters) tall multicolored Christmas tree is another example of unusual art design. Located in the central Campo Santo Stefano square in Murano, Italy the tree was made from 1,000 glass tubes by Simone Cenedese, a Venetian master glass artist.


6. Prague, the capital of Czech Republic, is one the cities that sticks to the traditional forms of Christmas trees. Raised in the Old Town Square, the tree is usually about 25 meters (80 feet) tall, decorated with thousands of lights and ornaments and topped with a large shining star.


5. In London, the place where the major Christmas tree is built annually, is the Trafalgar Square. The tree, usually a spruce, is donated to the people of Britain by the Norwegian city of Oslo each year since 1947. The tree is decorated in a simple traditional Norwegian style and adorned with 500 white lights.


4. Chocolate fans would certainly appreciate this Christmas tree design by a French chocolatier Patrick Rogers. He made this 32-foot (almost 10 meters) high, 4-ton Christmas tree solely from chocolate to raise funds for a research into neuromuscular diseases.


3. But chocolate is obviously not the only material a Christmas tree can be made from. In December 2012, an Asian LEGOLAND Park was decorated with this 9-meter (30 feet) Christmas tree made from 400,000 LEGO Duplo bricks.


2. Referred to as the National Christmas Tree, this spectacular Christmas tree can be found in front of the White House, Washington D.C. every year. It is the American President himself who is honored to light it. The tree used for this purpose is always the same – it is a 10-meter (33 feet) Colorado blue spruce, which stands outside the White House gates


1. Let us finish off in Germany, the birthplace of all Christmas trees. There are many impressive Christmas trees all over Berlin during Christmas but the most popular is the one decorated in traditional style, located in front of the Brandenburg Gate, the iconic landmark of the German capital.


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