25 Most Beautiful And Isolated Places In The World

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Beauty and isolation are two things that when combined can often make for a very surreal effect. While some of the places on this list are mountainous, others are very flat and arid. Either way though, these are the 25 most beautiful and isolate places in the world.

25. Steppes of Mongolia

With not even 3 million people within its borders, Mongolia has a lot of untrodden grass.

24. Mt Shuksan, Washington

Meaning “high peak” Mt Shuksan is the most photographed mountain in the Cascade Range.

23. Phobjikha Valley, Bhutan

This broad valley is known for its scenic splendor and cultural uniqueness.

22. Fjords of Baffin Island

If you ever get a chance to visit Canada’s largest island you’ll probably find more glaciers than people.

21. Crescent Lake, Gobi Desert

Probably one of the more touristy places on this list, this Chinese oasis was slowly disappearing until the local government stepped in and intervened.

20. Meteora Monastery, Greece

Built on sandstone pillars near the edge of the Plain of Thessaly, the name of this monastery means “suspended in the sky”.

19. Halstatt, Austria

This small alpine mining town has less than a thousand inhabitants to appreciate its incredible views.

18. Mont Saint-Michel Abbey, France

One of France’s most recognizable landmarks, the abby is located about 1 kilometer off the northwestern coast.

17. Benbulbin, Ireland

This formidable rock formation can be found in the Dartry Mountains of Ireland.

16. Qassiarsuk, Greenland

With only 89 people calling the village home, this spot in southern Greenland is the location of Erik the Red’s former farm.

15. Peak District, England

Found in northern England, the peak district is home to Peak District National Park, one of the England’s more popular natural attractions.

14. Deer Stones, Mongolia

Ancient megaliths similar to these can be found all over the world but they are concentrated in the more inaccessible parts of China and Mongolia.

13. Song Kul, Kyrgyzstan

This alpine lake in Kyrgyzstan is at an altitude of over 3 thousand meters.

12. Engelberg, Switzerland

The leading mountain resort in Switzerland comes with some amazing views.

11. Lake Baikal, Russia

The largest freshwater lake in the world in terms of volume holds about 20% of the freshwater on Earth.

10. Easter Island

Covered in enormous rock heads, the only way to get here is a long flight from Chile.

9. Paradise Harbour, Antarctica

One of only two ports used by cruise ships to stop on the continent, this is as close as most people would ever get to seeing the south pole.

8. Ayers Rock, Australia

Also known as Uluru it’s the largest monolith (or really big rock) in the world.

7. Gasadalur Village, Faroe Islands

With only sixteen people this is one of the most isolated villages on one of the most isolated islands in the world.

6. Maya Bay, Thailand

A popular yet secluded diving spot, Maya Bay became popular after the move “The Beach” was filmed there.

5. Tsavo East National Park, Kenya

One of the oldest and largest parks in Kenya it is a well known safari spot.

4. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

The world’s largest salt flat is 10,000 square kilometers.

3. Ladakh, India

One of the most sparsely populated regions of Kashmir in India, this place doesn’t see many foreigners.

2. Socotra

Found off the horn of Africa, due to this island’s isolation about one third of its plant life can’t be found anywhere else on the planet.

1. Maldives

The smallest Asian country by both population and land area, the Maldives relies a lot on its natural beauty to draw tourists.

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