25 Christmas Gift Ideas For Her (Holidays 2012)

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Last week we came to you with 25 Christmas gift ideas for the guys, and as we promised we’re back for more. So men, now it’s your turn to do some shopping. We understand the tendency to procrastinate but maybe this list will spark some motivation and creativity within your souls. You have less than one month to find that perfect gift for the girl you love so what are you waiting for? These are 25 Christmas gift ideas for her (Holidays 2012).

25. iShower Water-Resistant Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Singing in the shower has never been more fun, now that you’ve got your choice of artists to accompany you with thisWater-Resistant Bluetooth Shower Speakerfor all iPhones , iPads , iPod Touch and Android devices. The Water-Resistant Bluetooth Shower Speaker for iPhonne/iPad/Android lets you pair up to five devices so each member of the family can select their own playlists.

24. Shadowbox Frame

Display your favorite photos or mementos in this black pineshadow box framewith mounting hardware. The frame, which hangs either vertically or horizontally, features a glass cover that protects your treasures from dust and damage.

23. Workday Recovery Kit By Knock Knock

Chock full of extra-strength wit and humor and available over the counter, this brand newWorkday Recovery Kitprovides the right does of relief from life’s painful workdays. Tin box contains 16-page remedy booklet, silicone bracelet, 5 affirmation cards, 5 healing bandages, recovery certificate, and metal charm.

22. Contigo AUTOSEAL Travel Mug

Never spill another drop. 100-Percent spill- and leak-prooftravel muguses exclusive AUTOSEAL technology to prevent accidental spills. Press the AUTOSEAL button to sip, and release the button to automatically seal. This self-sealing lid technology is combined with a double-wall, vacuum-insulated, stainless steel mug, providing exceptional temperature retention. Beverages stay hot for 6 hours or cold for 18 hours.

21. Fitbit Wireless Personal Trainer

Did you get enough exercise today? How many calories did you burn? Are you getting enough sleep? TheFitbitautomatically tracks your fitness and sleep. The Fitbit accurately tracks your calories burned, steps taken, distance traveled and sleep quality. The Fitbit contaains a 3D motion sensor and converts this into useful information about your daily activities.

20. Life.Doc Organizer

Life is beautiful, but can also be hectic. Make sure you have time to savor all the joy it brings without getting buried in details by usingLife.doc. More than just a handy binder, this complete life organization system keeps all your loose ends buttoned up with sectioons like “legal ease”, “in sickness and in health”, and “home sweet home”.

19. Scoodie Hooded Scarf With Pockets

TheScoodieis a detachable hooded scarf that is customizable using a color coded and patent-pending function through the use of button holes allowing customers to have endless possibilities. It is made from 100% high qulaity polyester fleece.

18. Brookstone Massaging Bed Rest

Massages away daily stress, provides luxurious support and a soothing massage in bed, anytime! Covered in ultra-plush, NapSoft material, thisBrookstone bed restfeatures a built-in massager to help relieve sore, tired muscles.

17. Citizen Silhouette Two-Tone Watch

Simple and classic, yet featuring precision-quality movement, theCitizen Women’s Eco Drive Two-Tone Watchoffers minimalist style and high functionality for everyday wear. The craftsmanship shines through in the stainless steel case and bezel while the stainless steel bracelet features gold-toned accents for a traditional look.

16. Polaroid PoGo Instant Mobile Printer

Polaroid has reinvented instant photography for the digital age with thePolaroid PoGo Instant Mobile Printer. Sleek, stylish, and easy to use, the Polaroid PoGo Instant Mobile Printer lets you share photos whether you are on vacation or just hanging out with your friends.

15. Clocky

Introducing the alarm clock that runs away and hides when you don’t wake up!Clockygives you one chance to get up like a normal person. But if you try to cheat and stay in bed (you know who you are!), Clocky will jump off of your nightstand, alarm sounding, and wheel around your room looking for a place to hide.

14. Edge Brownie Pan

Always reach for the corner brownie first? If you crave the delicious, chewy edges of brownies and bar cookies you’ll love theEdge Brownie Panfrom Baker’s Edge. It is the first and only pan specifically designed for chewy edge lovers.

13. Demy Kitchen Safe Touchscreen Recipe Reader

Designed for cooks to have their favorite recipes at their fingertips, theDemy Kitchen Safe Touchscreen Recipe Readerfrom Key Ingredient holds your personal recipe collection in one compact, sleek device. Rather than risk splashing or spilling ingredients on your laptop or trying to read a smartphone’s tiny screen while following a recipe, the Demy is designed to thrive in the unpredictable and often messy kitchen environment.

12. Luxe Massaging Foot Warmer

A soothing, heated foot massage anytime. With theLuxe Massaging Foot Warmer, an instant escape is yours to enjoy at any moment. Just slide both feet in and switch it on for a soothing treat at the end of a long work day, relaxing on the couch, sitting at your desk, or anytime you need a little extra pampering.

11. Olloclip Quick-Connect Lens Solution for iPhone 4S/4

TheOlloclipis a quick-connect lens solution for the iPhone 4S and 4 that includes fisheye, wide-angle, and macro lenses in one small, convenient design. Compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand, the Olloclip snaps onto your iPhone in seconds so you’ll be sure too capture every image you want

10. Fruit Basket

A wonderful gift to receive, thisfruit basketinclude fresh seasonal fruit such as apples, pears, and oranges all wrapped up with a decorative ribbon.

9. Amazon Kindle

Kindleuses an electronic ink screen that looks and reads like real paper. The matte screen reflects light like ordinary paper and uses no backlighting, so you can read as easily in bright sunlight as in your living room.

8. Taylor Digital Scale Measuring Cup

This is the onlymeasuring cupwith an integrated digital scale. Unlike typical measuring cups that only determine volume, this model also measures wet or dry ingredients by weight, a more precise technique favored by pastry chefs and artisanal bakers. A 1 1/4″ LCD on tthe handle displays digital measurements in ounces, pounds, or grams.

7. Iceless Wine Chiller

Thiselectronic wine chilleris a must-have for wine enthusiasts! Using advanced Peltier thermoelectric technology, the tabletop wine chiller cools or warms wine to the optimal temperature. It’s like having a sommelier in your kitchen!

6. TOMS Shoes

Awww, yeah. We thought we knew the meaning of comfort, butTOMS’ Canvas slip-onschooled us. Its cool, casual upper has an elastic inset at the vamp and darts at the toe to add wearing ease to its padded footbed and cushioning rubber outsole. It’ll be her new favorite.

5. Agloves Touch Screen Gloves

You can text with these gloves on!Aglovesare lightweight, soft, warm, stretchy and slightly fuzzy knitted gloves. Made in the USA, these seamless, knitted gloves have high quality workmanship. Agloves are compatible with any and all of your touch screen phones, cameraas, multimedia devices, game systems, and eReaders.

4. Candle Carver

Who said you shouldn’t play with your food? TheCandle Carverturns the most basic fruit and vegetable into something extraordinary! Simply twist the Candle Carver into apples, pears, squash, mini pumpkin… and it carves a hole that is just the right size for a tea light. Think of the imaginative centerpieces and table setting decorations you can create!

3. Reasons I Love You Stones

Thereasonsare infinite, and now nine of them are etched in stone. One side of each brushed-nickel token says I love you and the other bears a compelling reason, from because you’re an inspiration to because I just do! and for always getting my jokes. Comes in a red faux-suede pouch.

2. Towel Warmer

Step out of the shower-and into a perfectly warmed towel or robe! Our spaciousTowel Warmeris a great way to indulge in a little extravagance every day. It easily accommodates oversized towels-two 40″ x 70″ bath sheets at a time-as well as robes or blankets.

1. Roses

Guys, it should be common knowledge that you can’t really go wrong with a nice bouquet ofroses.

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