24 Signs You’ve Been Single For Too Long

1. Your dad has mistaken the sound of you eating noodles alone in your room before:

2. When you go out to eat, the hostess shows you to the single-occupancy table:

3. Your “bae” has caught you “slipping” before:

4. This has happened to you before:

5. You’ve thought to yourself, Who needs friends when you have crash test dummies?

6. You’ve got season tickets for this seat:

7. You find yourself in this aisle at Target more than you’d like:

8. You’ve been caught sitting totally alone in an empty auditorium, watching Space Jam by yourself:

9. This is your car:

10. You carry the telltale mark of a person who had to apply their own sunscreen:

11. You go to elaborate measures for the sake of your Instagram feed:

12. You spend a lot of time sitting alone at bars:

13. The parks department had this bench put in just for you:

14. You got this as a gift two years ago and it’s been sitting there like this ever since:

15. You find yourself going stag more often than not:

16. The last friend request you got was from a packet of taco sauce:

17. You’re in a deep, meaningful relationship with the woman from your GPS:

18. You have to hold the cat in family photos:

19. You spend WAY too much time with mannequins at the mall:

20. This book gets more use than you’d prefer:

21. This is the last kiss you received:

22. You see this as a viable option if things get too dire around Valentine’s Day:


23. You live your life according to these four words:

24. You are Rian:

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