10 Thoughts You Have When You Feel Like ‘The Invisible Girl’ In Your Posse


Do you ever feel like no matter what you do, your friends get more attention than you do? Youre not any less pretty or interesting, but its like dont even exist. You start to feel like somethings really wrong with you, and you dont understand why.

While you should rest assured that theres nothing really wrong with you, it can feel pretty discouraging after a while.

If youve ever felt like the invisible girl in your friend group, then its likelysome of these thoughts have crossed your mind:

Youre all attractive, but somehow, they upstage you.

Its not like youre a troll who surrounded yourself with a bunch of supermodels. Your group is all reasonably cute.

You would say pretty much all of you are on the same level. Why, then, does everyone but you get attention? Its maddening.

You are the fun one, but guys dont notice you.

Youre a great time and the life of the party, but they dont care. They just want the one with the longest legs or the tiniest one with the waterfall of beautiful hair.

Obviously, you dont want a guy that superficial, but you arent chopped liver, either. Youre a good-looking chick in your own right. Why wont they hiton you, too?

Everyone is always getting play except you.

It feels really awkward if youre out with your girls and they are all talking to dudes while you stand there alone, sipping your drink and trying to figure out what to do.

You arent pathetic, by any means, but it really does make you feel bad. You have just as much to offer as they do.

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You start feeling insecure.

Usually, youre fairly confident, but your self-esteem begins cracking. Feeling undesired will shake even the strongest of women.

You begin second-guessing yourself and your opinion of your worthiness. Can it really just be that the guys are shitty if theyre all doing this to you? Are you somehow gross and dont know it? (Hint: The answer is no.) Ugh.

You cant figure out what they have that you dont.

OK, maybe you arent the biggest flirt in the world, and you arent dying for the attention of a guy, but so what? That doesnt make you unapproachable.

Youre doing your own thing and having fun. Whats so scary about that? It should make you more appealing, if anything.

You know they think youre cool

Your friends love you and think youre rad. Why else would you all be such a tight group? You, of course, adore them and think they are all deserving of attention. You just happen to believe that you are too, so seriously, what the fuck is going on here?

And you know youre cool

You have a lot to offer, and anyone who knows you readily admits that. Why, then, are you the wallflower every time your group is out together? It gets old very quickly. Guys would think youre great, if they took the time to find out.

but guys dont even glance your way.

It doesnt matter what you do. Youre simply not on their radar, and honestly, it can be prettydisheartening. You cant help but feel sad when yet another night ends, and you leave unnoticed.

You could probably walk in the club naked, and theyd still be flirting with your friends. Go figure.

You get frustrated.

The worst part is that it starts affecting your friendships. You love your girls dearly, but who wants to feel shitty every time you go out?

Of course, its not their fault, but it still bums you out. You might even stoptrying to make connections with guys, and you get irritated when your buddies want to flirt. Its just tiringbeing the odd girl out.

It makes you feel less than, and you dont like that.

You start suggesting tamer activities, where you all meet up at someones house, hang out there and drink wine, instead. Hikes are good, too. Anything you can all do without boys around to make you feel like shit is OKwith you.

You want to spend time with your friends, but they dont realize how much all of this fucks with your self-esteem.

Sometimes, its even worse when they do realize. Theres nothing more horrible than the look of pity in their eyes when they see you being ignored by dudes, yet again.

But take pride in everything you have to offer. You and your friends know what a gem you are, and if a guy cant see that, then thats his problem, not yours.

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