10 Reasons Every Woman Should Be Watching Hockey This Season

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As many are preparing for the Super Bowl and end of the football season, the era of winter sports is finally in full swing.

Although some may not realize it, winter has some of the best sports to offer sports fans. One sport, in particular, which makes winter instantly better is hockey.

Hockey is one of the greatest sports to watch. It combines intense hits, speed, constant strategy, and it’s all done while skating on the ice. Fans rally around the team for the win and it’s a sport that can bring the whole town together.

Everything from the players, rivalries, fans and the entire hockey atmosphere is what sets it apart from all other winter sports. And, now, I present to you, the top reasons every woman should join the excitement and grab herself a hockey jersey and beer this winter.

It’s a fast-paced sport

Being in a hockey arena is one of the greatest sports experiences you can have. The constant movement and high pace plays make it impossible to ever be bored.

The skill level the sport demands

Obviously, every sport demands talent and dedication, but hockey takes it to new extremes while playing it on ice.

Not only do the players have to dodge hits and score goals in high-speed moments, but also while not slipping.

You can always feel close to the action

When it comes to hockey arenas, there is no such thing as a bad seat. Even the furthest seats possible provide a good view and a great time, regardless.

Don’t have tickets? Don’t worry; hockey is also a great sport to watch on TV in your living room or at a bar with some friends. You can’t go wrong wherever you decide to watch the game.

It’s an indoor sport

Escape the winter weather and enter the arena. Having that much action in one enclosed area ensures a good time.

The Winter Classic and Heritage Classic

These are two of the greatest events the NHL has to offer. Both are played outdoors and draw crowds from all over the US to watch.

Hockey has a great history behind it

Hockey is not only one of the most unique sports, but also has one of the richest histories.

The NHL started in 1917 in Canada and, by 1920, was already in the United States with the Original Six. Now, it’s one of the biggest sports industries around with a fan base growing every year.

Hockey has also provided us with some of the most memorable Olympic stories, such as the “Miracle on Ice” game when the USA beat the Soviet Union in 1980.

Telling the entire story of the sport would take an hour itself, but it’s hard not to appreciate a sport that plays such a fascinating role in history.

The fights

One of the most exciting things about the sport is the intense fighting; hockey players hold nothing back.

The fans

There’s something so unique and so awesome about these people. They bleed the colors of their teams, and you’ll always find some interesting fans in the crowd going above and beyond to show off their team pride.

Nothing is more exciting than playoff hockey

This is when every team puts it all on the line. Some of the best games and greatest moments of the season come from this period in time.

Hockey players are some of the greatest athletes

Not only are the players easy on the eyes, but they’re also extremely talented. Hockey players have a certain charm to them nobody can deny. Additionally, they’re extremely hard-working year-round and constantly working on improving their game.

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